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The Pioneers Academy

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    Complaints from parents are treated very seriously, whether formal or informal. The school welcomes criticism and suggestions in order to progress and improve. The following is an outline of the complaint procedure:


    How to Make a Complaint

    • IN PERSON: The initial point of contact should be your child’s form teacher. Please book an appointment before coming to see your child’s class teacher. Please do not take your concern to any other member of staff, since they can not help you directly with any issue relating to your child. In cases of a serious or urgent nature, a senior member of staff may be contacted first.

    • BY PHONE: Complaints are normally not taken over the phone, we prefer to speak to parents in person in order to understand the situation / concern fully. Appointments can be made over the phone to speak with teachers. You can also put your concern in writing for the attention of the teacher, who will arrange to speak with you when it is convenient.

    • VIA THE OFFICE: The office staff can arrange appointments; pass on messages; and take letters on your behalf. However please do not expect them to deal with your issue or concern themselves, only the relevant teacher can do this.

    • Via Whats app: Complaints cannot be sent through the school broadcast group as this is only used for sharing information.


    1) Informal Complaint

    The school welcomes informal complaints in the first instance, since they can usually be fast tracked to a conclusion. Informal Complaints from parents are treated just as seriously as a formal complaint. These are normally verbal complaints that can be conveyed to the Form Teacher, or a senior member of staff. Parents can also put the complaint in writing for the attention of the appropriate member of staff. These complaints are dealt with using the same timescales, as set out for a formal complaint, and in most cases can be dealt with on the same day or next day.


    2) Formal Complaint

    If parents are not satisfied with the response to an informal complaint, then they may make a formal complaint. These types of complaints are recorded on a ‘Parent Complaint Form’; they are countersigned, and follow a set procedure to conclusion, as laid out below. Parents who can not come in person to make such complaints, may write in with their complaint; keeping in mind that they may still be asked to come in and clarify the complaint, depending on its nature.



    Complaints of a minor nature are normally dealt with by the form teacher. The form teacher will note down your complaint and ask you to check the details and then sign the form. The teacher will notify you of the action that will be taken and if any feedback is required.



    Complaints of a serious nature are dealt with by the management. The form teacher receives the complaint and notes it down. You will need to check the details and sign the form. These issues will be handed over to the management to deal with (i.e. normally the appointed Parent Liaison Officer: Mrs S Garnier). The management will decide on the best course of action, and will provide feedback to the teacher and parents, directly.


    • TIMESCALES: Management aim to resolve complaints within a few working days, but at most it will be 7 working days. Feedback will be given within this time and actions will be recorded on the ‘Parent Complaint Form’. In the event that a meeting is required, then the timescale will be dependant on the availability of attendees. However, parents will be informed within the 7 working days and the meeting will be scheduled to take place within a further 3 working days.


    In some cases the parent may not agree with the action taken. If you feel this way, notify the management immediately. The management will investigate the complaint in light of any new information. These cases are then dealt with urgently, and normally follow with a meeting to address the parties concerned. The management will ensure your complaint is dealt with satisfactorily, transparently and fairly.


    3) Panel Hearing

    In rare cases, when the management can not satisfy the parents concerns or issues, then these matters are referred to a Panel Hearing. This will comprise of an independent member of the Parent Teacher Association, 2 members of the school management, and any other parties concerned. The parent is invited to attend and may bring a representative (with prior notice). The parent / school can put forward their case in this meeting and solutions can be offered / discussed; with an aim of finding a compromise solution which suits all parties concerned. The panel’s findings and recommendations will be recorded, and a copy will be available for the parents concerned.



    The ‘Parent Complaint Form’ is to be kept by management in a secure and confidential location. The form is to be kept separate from other school records, and will not be accessible by teachers / non management staff. The parents have a right to view their ‘Parent Complaint Form’ by appointment.