The Pioneers Academy

The Pioneers Academy


    School Proprietor Welcome Message

    All praise is due to Allah; we praise Him, worship Him, seek His guidance and forgiveness, and turn to Him in repentance.


    I would like to extend to you all a warm welcome to the website for the Pioneers Academy. We hope that through this website, we will be able to showcase some of the distinguished programmes and activities offered to students by the Academy.


    Pioneers Academy employs excellence and quality in education and aims to qualify students who excel in educational attainment, are capable of being pioneers in their communities, enrol in the most prestigious British universities, and hold the most prestigious positions in their professional careers.


    In addition to the incorporated British curriculum, the Academy offers supplementary Arabic language classes, thereby assisting its students in acquiring a second language for their professional careers.


    The Academy considers development and mastery a never-ending journey; therefore, it encourages all feedback, suggestions, and complaints to carry out its duties to the utmost extent.


    Dr Saeed Al-Qadi - PhD Education, MA, PGCE, BSc
    Proprietor of the Pioneers Academy