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     GCSE Science (Combined and Separate)

    Students will either undertake the Combined Science course resulting in two Science GCSEs, or the Separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) resulting in a GCSE in each subject. No final decision will be made on exam entry until the end of Year 10 allowing further opportunity for students to develop their scientific skills.


    Examining Board: EdExcel Combined Science - 1SC0, Biology – 1BI0, Chemistry – 1CH0, Physics – 1PH0

    Overview of the course




    Key concepts in Biology

    Key concepts in Chemistry

    Key concepts in Physics

    Cells and control

    Atomic Structure


    Motion and forces




    The Periodic Table

    Conservation of energy

    Natural selection and genetic modification

    Types of substance


    Health, disease and the development of medicines

    States of matter and mixtures

    Light and the electromagnetic spectrum

    Plant structures and their functions

    Chemical change


    Animal coordination, control and homeostasis

    Extracting metals and equilibria

    Energy – forces doing work

    Exchange and transport in animals

    Groups in the periodic table

    Forces and their effects

    Ecosystems and material cycles

    Rates of reaction and energy changes

    Electricity and circuits


    Fuels and Earth science

    Magnetism and the motor effect


    Electromagnetic induction


    Particle model


    Forces and matter



    Examination and Assessment Methods

    The Combined Science consists of six externally examined papers. Each exam is 1 hour and 10 minutes

    The Foundation paper will target grades 1–5. The Higher paper will target grades 4–9.

    The Separate Science course consists of two externally examined papers – six in total.

    The Foundation paper will target grades 1 -5. The Higher paper will target grades 4–9.